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1  Abruzzo Dolce 8 La Smielatura
2 Alveari e Apiari 10 Canzone del Miele   
4 Le Api 12 Cera Propoli Polline Pappareale
6 Sciami 14 Le Api d'Inverno



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1  Sweet Abruzzo 8 Honey Extraction   
2 Beehives and Apiaries 10 The Song of Honey     
4 The Bees 12 Wax, Propolis, Pollen,
Royal Jelly
6 Swarms 14 Bees in Winter      




Gentle and strong land
Whose holy blossoming
And enchanted spring
Fall to the lot of divine nature
In the ever golden Abruzzo.  

From the sea to the mountains
The eager and ready honeycombs
Loaded with nectar
Abound in the beehive
The joy of beekeepers.

Scarlet and generous
Perfumed in May
In the watering places of the fields
Portentous Sulla
Of beautiful Abruzzo in bloom. 

Mother-of-pearl flowers
Surrounded by flights
Of visiting bees

Gathered in the pannier
The rich Millefiore.  

From the hearts of the green parks
From the Century-old trees
Out of there diffuse
Healthy essences
The honey of love. 

Intoxicating aromas
From the sought after bear
Overflowing spring
Of renowned Abruzzo
The honey of love


*Sulla flower = “Hedysarum coronarium”, Italian sainfoin, French Honeysuckle


Translation courtesy of Marion Apley Porreca