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“I have been betrayed by false friends in this adventure”

 Torricella, the accusation of Mayor Zacchigna against the resigning councillors

 Torricella Peligna. Nature teaches us that man is a betrayer. Today it was the turn of the Torricellans to be betrayed by Franco Gentile, Quirino Di Cino and Donato Strizzi. And the citizens will remember this for many years to come.” That is how the Mayor, Graziano Zacchigna, began his comments, after seven Town Hall Councillors resigned, three of whom had belonged to the majority party, and this mass resignation led to the collapse of the Council and the need for a Commissioner from the prefecture. So after only 15 months from the last Town Council elections, the village must vote again. Perhaps next Spring. Zacchigna continues, “It is true when they say a loyal enemy is better than a false friend at your side. In Torricella we were going along at 300 to the hour in administrating for the village. Services, finances, public works both completed and yet to be done. The village had started to be reborn with the redevelopment and the arrangements already put into effect.” Zacchigna carries on, “I cannot understand how three Councillors of the majority party, of whom two are assessors, could act in such a mean manner: without any clashes, disputes or heated arguments. Why? Why have you descended so low? Maybe your interests were not those of the collective? The ex-Deputy Mayor, Elio Porreca, whom I removed from office, would do well to tell the truth and not to make people believe that he was the sacrificial lamb. When we drafted the electoral programme we were all in agreement that everyone had to give of their best. I thank the citizens who have shown good sense: I hope they will demonstrate it in the future too.” (r.o.)

 The Mayor, Graziano Zacchigna         

 Article published in “Il Centro”  July 2006

                                                                                           Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca