*Normalmente chiamata La Fonte delle Sese (seno)


Dallo “Speciale su Torricella Peligna” realizzato nel 1994 da:
Gino Di Tizio
Francesco Giannini
Domenico Bernabei



Collezingaro and the “Saise Fountain”[1]

Collezingaro is Torricella’s largest district, inhabited by people actively devoted to agriculture and crafts.

Over the years this suburb has grown tremendously, around the Church and the Bar, the true focus and meeting place.

In August, the “Colle” has a well-supported traditional appointment, the feast day and fair of Sant’Agata, patron saint of Collezingaro. There are also many recreational and sporting events in this suburb which has grown enormously since the craftsmen’s zone was developed. The “massaruoli”[2], as the inhabitants of Collezingaro are called in Torricella, are also very involved in politics and social events.

They are very attached to their own territory and some years ago they even threatened to split up from the village on religious grounds, it was all sorted out, but they are a proud people, keen to grow, to engage, to belong to Collezingaro, with which everyone, including the Torricellans, is called upon to compare themselves. Obviously to improve, together….

Finally we mention the fountain of “Saise” which is next to the Church of Sant’Agata. It is an ancient fountain and it is believed to have miraculous water, capable of bringing in the breast milk for women who have just given birth.

A view of the village (Torricella's main street Corso Umberto 1)

Translators Notes:

[1]  Commonly called La Fonte delle Sese (“Fountain of the Sese” - dialect for “breasts”)
[2] “Massaruoli” a townsperson's nickname for people living in the countryside, (similar to “a country bumpkin”) - this name is used in a superior way and tends to give offence – and the bumpkins get angry!

From the “Special on Torricella Peligna” created in 1994 by:
Gino Di Tizio
Francesco Giannini
Domenico Bernabei
Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca