Monument to the Environment on the Outskirts of Torricella

by Edoardo Martinelli and Luca Di Sirio
4th Elementary Class


On the outskirts of Torricella Peligna, along the road that leads to the Madonna del Roseto and near to the Polyclinic, is the Monument to the Environment. The present Town Hall Administration has had it built using the plan drawn up by Antonio Penitente, an Architect from Pescara. It consists of two stylised chairs and a window that looks out onto the Maiella and in particular towards the Grotta Del Cavallone[1]. This window, formed of two uprights and an architrave, has been made out of material called “Pietra Serena[2]”, whilst the two chairs, with backs that are about three metres high, have been created from a special marble that was brought over specifically from Greece. The Monument was built to celebrate the Year of the Environment. In fact it aims to remind everybody that our environment needs to be safeguarded, otherwise nature will be destroyed which will bring about the end of all living things on the earth.


Thus the Town Hall Administration of Torricella has done a very good thing in building this work, which is perhaps unique in the world. The Monument has been sited in a field full of broom, which in the Spring are covered in many yellow flowers that perfume the air. People who go to the Polyclinic can admire this imposing sight from the windows and the terraces. This Monument is the most important thing for Torricella Peligna and everyone, children and adults, must visit it to understand its importance and its meaning. It is there to remind us that we must always respect nature and not pollute it. 

Translator’s Notes:

[1]  Grotta Del Cavallone - The Grotta del Cavallone is probably the most exceptional cave with a view in Italy. Located in the middle of the country, south of Pescara and about the same latitude as Rome, only a few kilometres from the coast; it is secluded in a remote valley and surrounded by steep and rocky mountains. The area is really Alpine, there is even a cable car which is used to get to the cave. The cave complex is full of interesting stalactites and stalagmites and various other formations. 

[2]  Pietra Serena – is a medium textured Italian sandstone of a greyish colour, often used for paving slabs.

Technical data from the University of Parma - summarises it as "heavy, compact, hard with high values of 1) compression breaking 2)ultimate tensile strength 3) impact and 4)frictional test.  It is to be considered a frost proof material.

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca                                                         

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