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   Posted by Dan Aspromonte on 09/30/04 at 6:05 AM

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Ciao Marc,
This is Dan (Donato) Aspromonte, the other organizer of this website. In my younger days, I used to always travel to Torricella by public transportation from either the north or south of Italy. I noticed Angela gave you directions from Rome, but that was never how I did it. I always took the train to the closest coastal town (San Vito or Vasto, I believe), and then took a bus to Lanciano, and another one to Torricella. I believe you can also get a train to Lanciano. The best thing is to go to the train station in Perugia and ask. In the future we hope to provide public transportation information on the website. It is on our to-do list, but we have had difficulty obtaining schedules and up-to-date website information. Perhaps you can help us with some of that after your journey down to Torricella.

Regarding Nicolo, yes, there were not many in Torricella in the past, and now it appears all, or nearly all, have left or died away. I can sympathize with you. The last Aspromonte in Torricella passed away a few years ago. All the rest have left the country (US, Canada, Argentina, Australia, France) or gone to larger metropolitan areas in Italy.

As Al pointed out, Nicola Nicolo wrote for the Amici di Torricella newspaper back in 1989. We have his article posted on our history page, but the English translation does not correspond. We'll have to correct that. I have an old phone book of Torricella from the mid-1980s, and it indicates Nicola Nicolo had a phone number and address in Torricella. I also have a "current" phone number that is different than the one listed in Ripa Teatina given to me by the last president of the Amici di Torricella newspaper. I'll send the address in Torricella and the phone numbers in a separate email just to respect Nicola's privacy.

Al pointed out the site:
It's a great source to locate people in Italy. It indicates that there are 100 Nicolos in the phone books of Italy, 41% in Piemonte. Only Nicola Nicolo is left in Abruzzo.

Also, I encourage you to use the Google search engine tool on our homepage. You'll find several Nicolos from the 1800s through that tool.

Hope this has been helpful.


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