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   Posted by Marc Nicolo on 09/29/04 at 7:14 PM

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Oh, thank you so much!!! I thought the traveling part was going to be more
> of a challenge, being that it's such a small town. I'm almost positive
> there aren't any Nicolo's left in Torricella Peligna, or even Italy for
> that matter. It was a small family and when they Immigrated to the U.S.
> just about all of them left. The rest I would assume died off (probably
> during WWII) or moved away. But I'll definitely ask around! My Italian is
> okay, it's functional! But living in Italy it seems to get better everyday
> - I can usually get my point across. Anyway, thank you again for your help,
> I'm one step closer...non vedo l'ora!!! Ciao.


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