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   Posted by Dan Aspromonte on 07/27/04 at 6:46 AM

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In Reply to: Re: Looking for Relatives posted by Jeri Fuller on 07/27/04 at 5:05 AM:

This is Dan Aspromonte. As Al Porreca explained, I'm one of the founders of this website. For the past week I've been in Durango, Colorado for an Aspromonte family reunion. I just had had an opportunity to read the various messages you and Janet have written to each other. It was a delight to read them. Congratulations to you both on all the discoveries you have made.

We also hope we can assist you in finding relatives in Torricella. If language is a problem, there are several of us who can assist you.

As a side note, my great-grandmother was a D'Ulisse. There are many D'Ulisses in Torricella. It's always important to find the nickname (soprannome) of the family to determine which family you are referring to. Our family is the "chis di MIschiarelle" branch of the D'Ulisse family. You can find more information on nicknames on that page of our website.

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