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   Posted by Albert Porreca on 01/27/04 at 4:57 PM

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Hi Maria,
My name is Albert Porreca (NJ). My grandparents were also from Torricella Peligna. I, along with Dan Aspromonte, am one of the originators of the website where you left a message. I responded earlier to your message. My great Uncle Mariano Porreca also has his name on that monument. But I have some additional info for you.

Tonight I looked through some records that I have and I found two Luigi Fante that were born about the time your great grandfather may have been. I'll email the info to you. See families 416 and 418. These records (actually the originals which I then transcribed) were found for me by Piera at Abruzzo2000. They are from the Stato del Anime a religious census which was taken in 1889. Perhaps you read about it on our website at delle Anime.htm
I don't have any way to know if either of these is your great grandfather but my guess is that one of them is. You need to find the record of his marriage to your gggm Rosa Antrilli. It may show his parents' names or at least his birthdate. With either of those you could check against the records I have emailed to you for more info about his family. His marriage record is a bit tricky to find. The civil records in Torricella were destroyed in 1944. There is a copy of them at the archives in Chieti or Lanciano, I think. The church records are probably intact so you could try writing to the the church (San Giacomo Apostolo) in Torricella. The priest is Don Peppino. Or you could try Piera at Abruzzo2000. I hope it works out for you.
Good luck with your search. ...Al Porreca


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