Message 54: Amici di Torricella cultural newsletter, Fante, etc.

   Posted by Angela Di Berardino on 07/30/03 at 6:19 PM

Subject:   Amici di Torricella cultural newsletter, Fante, etc.

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Oops! I was too quick in sending that message - yes, Dan, you are right about the Pineta paper. You-all already have that one.

Germana did not say there were others in 1997. I looked at everyhting she had, but it is certainly possible there were others. I'll check with her again.

I'll try to send the articles both ways.

Also, I spoke to Aurelio (Lalli-Persiani), who was the last (and as he reminded me, still IS) President of the A di TP group (Pierangela told me we need to contact the person who is/was in charge for the permission to publish.). He said he is very willing to accommodate anything the Italian-Americans want to do regarding the site, including giving permission to publish the papers. He would like a courtesy call from Dan (he does not speak English) regarding the permission, and you could fill him in on the details of what else will go on the site that I was not able to translate properly. I am not sure he has time to read e-mail. His cell phone is: 39/3392170434. His company just finished shooting a film somewhere in Italy for TV, and they are now starting to edit.

Al, Davide Piccoli told me the other day that he will respond to your e-mail.

I have gotten to know lots of people here. I have attended several group meetings of a John Fante fan club (they are starting to call themselves La Fanteria!), although not much substance to the agenda. Pietro Ottobrini, colorful personaggio, is the President. There is a group of University students here who has been filming the meetings and other activities for their thesis on John Fante. The film will be ready sometime in the Fall. I have started to understand some of the lore and the social structure and politics of this town. The more I talk to people, the more it all comes together for me, and with the genealogy research also.

Have also talked to the Sindaco, Sigrore Graziano, about trying to provide some type of sterilization process for the usual large number of feral cats that roam, copulate, and repopulate the town. I'll know better in a few days if the Vet can give us a "sconto" on the surgeries for the males, expecting, of course, that they can be trapped, another major obstacle. I am also feeding a feral (or maybe not so feral but basically ignored by it's owner) dog, along with Graziano. And then there is the restoration of my great grandparents' grave, which every one of the muratori seem too busy right now to do. Besides washing my clothes by hand (no w. machine), I help out at the Capé in the evenings. Did I say I was retired!!!??? Time is going by too quickly.

Anyway, I'll get to these articles as soon as I can.

Also trying to find Domenico Pettinelli, who is not in the phone book. Need to ask someone.

All for now. Angela


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