Message 109: Porreca Aspromonte double surname

   Posted by Dorothy Porreca on 07/22/04 at 7:23 AM

Subject:   Porreca Aspromonte double surname

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I am looking for an answer to a puzzle of the double surname of Porreca Aspromonte that I have had in my family line. My grandfather, Nicola Porreca,was born in Torricella Peligna in 1864 and died in Philadelphia in 1903. We have Italian documents starting in 1881 which refer to him as Nicola Porreca. However I found that his gravestone reads Nicola Porreca Aspromonte. We are curious about the use of the double surname. If anyone has any information on its significance, I would appreciate a response. Many thanks, Dorothy Porreca


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