Message 104: DiLuzio, Piccoli, Porreca families

   Posted by Mary DiLuzio on 07/14/04 at 12:54 PM

Subject:   DiLuzio, Piccoli, Porreca families

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My husband's family is from Torricella, Peligna. His father came to America to find work and went back to marry his mother in Torricella. After the wedding in 1960 they came here (first to South Philly then to NJ)to start a new life. This week my mother in law's brother and his wife came to America to visit. They loved looking at the website. They read the stories and looked at the pictures.
On the site we found so many names that are familiar to us. My mother in law had an Uncle Antonio Porreca his wife was a Piccoli. They both died several years ago. They had one daughter and she is living in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for the website, we're enjoying it very much.


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