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Torricella Peligna

- Chieti -

 Between the Sea and the Maiella

 Torricella Peligna, at an altitude of 900 meters, faces the Maiella Massif and lies between the Sangro and Aventino Valleys.  It is in a position that allows a visitor to take in a broad, splendorous view, embracing sea and mountain. 

 Getting There

 From the Tyrrhenian Coast, take the A24 highway to Tagliacozzo.  Merge onto A2.  Exit at Pratola Peligna.  Take SS17 towards Sulmona and Roccaraso; then SS84 towards Palena and Torricella Peligna.

 From the Adriatic Coast, take the Val di Sangro exit off the A14 highway.  Then take the Roccascalegna and Torricella Peligna exit off SS652. 

Places to Visit

 The Anthropological Museum, where there are many items (gravesite remains, helmets, armored plates) found in the nearby ancient city of Juvanum and a mummified body from the 17th century.  The Church of San Giacomo, with a tripartite façade that has more than once been restored; inside the church are preserved a silver pix and ostensorium crafted in the Neapolitan style and a wooden statue of the Madonna of the Rosary.   About 3 kilometers from the town, the rural Sanctuary of the Madonna del Roseto (Madonna of the Roses), and nearby a glimpse of the mythical footprint of Samson, according to legend planted there when he took one step to cross the entire valley.  The old village of Fallascoso, just a short distance from Torricella, with a hermitage and the Church of San Rinaldo. 


Feast of the Madonna delle Rose (Madonna of the Roses) in May, Feast of Sant’Antonio (St. Anthony) in June, Feast of the Patron Saints in August, Feast of Sant’Agata (St. Agatha) in August, Feast of San Rinaldo (St. Rinaldo) in August, Parade of the Conche (copper water recipients) in August, “l Sant’Antoni” (St. Anthony the Abbot) historical reenactment in January, Parade of the “Cioccoli” (dialect for useless objects, e.g., old cans, scrap metal) during the Feast of San Martino (St. Martin), “Attori locali” (Local Actors) Theatrical Festival in August, Literary Festival in August. 

Local Products and Economy 

Two typical pastries, the “fiadone” filled with cheese and ricotta and “uccelli ripieni” (stuffed birds) filled with cooked grape must.  Agriculture, the trades and tourism prevail in Torricella.  On that note, a thank you to those listed on this page:  Di Marino srl (limited liability company), construction of buildings and roadways; Di Pietrantonio & Coladonato, aluminum and wood aluminum window frames and shutters; Hotel Restaurant Capè; Vecchio Moro Agritourism; Troilo Agritourism.  

John Fante 

(Born 1909, Denver, Colorado; died 1983, Woodland Hills, California)

American writer, son of Nick, a native of Torricella Peligna, and Maria Capoluongo.  In 1936 he debuted with Road to Los Angeles, followed in 1937 by Wait Until Spring, Bandini, which received immediate acclaim.  Two years later he continued his success publishing one of his most famous novels, Ask the Dust.  In 2006 Ask the Dust became a film produced by Tom Cruise and starring Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek and Donald Sutherland.  Other writings include:  Full of Life, The Brotherhood of the Grape and Dreams from Bunker Hill, which was dictated to his wife because he was blind by that time.  For a long time he did not receive recognition in Italy.  He was rediscovered with the publication of La strada per Los Angeles (Road to Los Angeles).  Torricella honors John Fante by dedicating a literary festival in August to him entitled “Il Dio di mio padre” (The God of My Father). 


Caption:  Mayor Tiziano Antonio Teti at the 2nd Literary Festival


                                                                                           Translation courtesy of Dan Aspromonte