Below is the second earthquake newsletter from our dear friends in L’Aquila, Lamberto and Pierangela Badia.  Lamberto, Pierangela and their families have been instrumental in assisting us for nearly 10 years with genealogical projects, website development, translations and the preservation of the church records of Torricella.  In a very moving condolence to Albert Porreca, co-founder of this website, Pierangela displays her strong affinity to Torricella and its people.  The Badia family has always been there when we were in need.  The tables have now been turned.  They are the ones reaching out for assistance.  Please consider lending them a hand. See their first newsletter and for more information on how to help.
Dan Aspromonte

PS - Also, keep up-to-date via Pierangela’s online “survivor’s diary”:


Abruzzo World Club - Earthquake News II
April 21, 2009

Dear friends,

We would like to start this second post-earthquake newsletter with a link to the article of Giustino Parisse, a journalist of il Centro, an Abruzzo daily newspaper, who lost that night at Onna his father and two teenager children.

On 28th of April, Pope Benedict XVI will visit the places hit by earthquake, and stop at Onna, which was destroyed once by a German reprisal in 1944 and again this year. The German government has taken on itself the task of rebuilding this most unfortunate village.

Online Diary of a survivor, continued

The Diary of Angelo De Nicola, our friend and a journalist with Il Messaggero of L'Aquila, translated into English by kind permission of the author

For all the listmembers who seek information about specific places affected by the earthquake and victims:

On the homepage of ilCentro:
--> the list of affected communes

--> the list of the victims

--> the online newspaper of L'Aquila,

--> There were over 1500 wounded, and 70,000 people are displaced or living under tents, so it is impossible for us to inform Abruzzese abroad about their relatives.

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Update on Popoli Earthquake

This is the most up to date news indicating the damage done to the town of Popoli, Abruzzo, where  my maternal grandmother, Gemma Di Ciccio Capone,  was born.  I have visited some of my relatives there, and am  in internet contact with a few more, one of whom, Filiberto Di Ciccio, translated this information.  It is such a tiny, historical, medieval hill town, typical of those all over Italy, ancient in its architecture and  filled with residents committed to honoring the past.  And, like all of the tiny churches all over this and other affected villages,  there were  statues of  saints created by Bernini and so many other great Renaissance sculptors as well as famous paintings and wall frescoes that may be lost forever.  I will send updates as I get them.

Dearest All:   Washington DC April 9, 09
I received this notice from my friend Sandro Mori in Popoli, Italy.
I'd like all of you to be informed since it is fresh official news, and Popoli Abruzzo Italy is very important to
most of us. I was born in this little beautiful town.

Official notice of damages caused by the earthquake.  The Town Hall:
1) has received about 600 requests for verification of building stability from the owners of private homes;
2) has already given order of evacuation for 49 buildings;
3) has declared the Town Hall building completely uninhabitable;
4) declared unsafe almost all places of faith (Churches);
5) many of the business enterprises in the Popoli area have structural damage to their buildings;
6) notable damage done to the aqueducts of the town;
7) Serious damage was done to the transportation network in many places of the city, and on the freeways (streets and bridges);
8) disrupted water lines.
The Mayor, Emidio Castricone

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