Below are two letters from our dear friends in L’Aquila, Lamberto and Pierangela Badia.  Lamberto, Pierangela and their families have been instrumental in assisting us for nearly 10 years with genealogical projects, website development, translations and the preservation of the church records of Torricella.  In a very moving condolence to Albert Porreca, co-founder of this website, Pierangela displays her strong affinity to Torricella and its people.  The Badia family has always been there when we were in need.  The tables have now been turned.  They are the ones reaching out for assistance.  Please consider lending them a hand.
Dan Aspromonte

PS - Also, keep up-to-date via Pierangela’s online “survivor’s diary”:


Donation for Abruzzo

Lamberto Badia of Abruzzo World Club
April 18, 2009

Dear friends of Abruzzo Tours,
L'Aquila and many of the surrounding villages were terribly damaged by a ruinous earthquake, the strongest ever in the area since 1703. 295 people died under the ruins or from the wounds, an unreplaceable loss which no reconstruction will ever bring back. Our hearts will bleed forever for our relatives, friends, neighbours, fellow citizens.

Myself, I was able to leave my house right after the 3.32 earthquake, take my wife and baby girl, together with some clothes and essential stuff. Like many apartments in the old (and so beautiful...) city center of L'Aquila, I will probably see my house demolished, and it will take several years before even starting to rebuild it, with or without funds. As to my sister Pierangela, since the earthquake with emergency equipment she has documented her experience at

But our lives were spared, and this is what matters. The innocent smile of my baby daughter in my wife's arms makes me feel blessed by God, and gives me the will to start again.

Among family members and Club members everyone is safe. My sister Pierangela, her husband Leonardo, our tour guide Chiara, drivers Daniele and Lucio, all the others you met or emailed to. Most of us reached a safe place on the coast of Abruzzo.

Nevertheless, many things were lost under the ruins of apartments, some of our computers, printers and personal archives are destroyed, all business and activities are suspended indefinitely, we are using Internet Points and umts cards to connect.

Me and my sister Pierangela have been working for many years, helping Abruzzese people abroad in doing genealogy and tracing their roots, visiting families, discovering and touring the beauties of the region. The Government is willing to help everybody, but the Italian economy - as the whole world -  is so weak now and there are such greater priorities that it will take years before businesses may get back on their feet again. We already received dozens of emails from many of you: people who want to know how to send us a concrete support. So, if you feel you want to help our Abruzzo World Club, we are willing to continue on our project.

Any funds sent will contribute to restoring a minimum business structure, buy laptops and pay for Internet connections, maintain all tourism and genealogy contacts, restart our activities - maybe rent a small office, contribute (even indirectly) to the reconstruction of the many masterpieces of art hardly damaged (ex: Churches of Santa Maria di Collemaggio and San Bernardino, the Spanish Castle, Santo Stefano di Sessanio etc.). In other words, offer again the beauty and the heritage of Abruzzo to future visitors. It was not the earth of Abruzzo that betrayed us, not the earthquake that killed innocent people, the killers were unsafe, badly built houses; ancient churches and monuments that were not protected as they should have been.
If you wish to give us a little support, you can make a free donation (subject: "Donation for Abruzzo") as follows.

Credit card or PayPal:
Using the Abruzzo World Club PayPal account: TOURS@ABRUZZO2000.COM

Bank wire:
Bank: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, AG. Pettino - Via Lussemburgo 36, 67100 L'Aquila
IBAN: IT28 D01005 03602 000000002524
Account Name: Lamberto Badia
Account Number: 2524

Personal check:
Made out to "ABRUZZO WORLD CLUB" and sent to:
Lamberto Badia
Via Arrigo Rossi, 42
64029 - Silvi Marina, ITALY

Your name will be officially mentioned in this special section of our website:

Lamberto Badia,
Pierangela Badia,
All the Abruzzo World Club team

Our Best Regards,
Lamberto Badia, President
Abruzzo World Club

Websites Network:


News from Earthquake Land

Pierangela Badia of Abruzzo World Club
April 11, 2009

We want to thank everyone who sent emails, filled forms, telephoned to inquire about the safety of the team of and connected websites. We are safe, this is what matters. Some of us lost their homes and possessions, not our immediate family, not life, which is what counts. The help we have received and are receiving from our own government, all Italians, and the rest of the world is astonishing. I have begun a diary of my experience, which I feel is maybe the single most important turning point in my life. An experience which is bringing everything into the right perspective. What is important, what redundant, an experience I feel I wanted to share, as my Internet mobile connection allows me.  It is available at the url:
More links if you want to learn more:
news online from L'Aquila
the Italian earthquake institute

We send you all our most heartfelt wishes for the Easter of Resurrection, and thank everyone who is worried and those who were able to get in touch and are sending wishes to whom we are unable to reply individually.
A true Buona Pasqua from the land of despair and hope to you all from Pierangela Badia, her brother Lamberto Badia, and all their families, cooperators and friends.
Abruzzoheritage is brought to you from
Abruzzo World Club
Association officially registered in the Abruzzo Region


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