Index to Deaths - 1845
Torricella Peligna


Note 1: Names beginning with d`, di, de or del are sorted with the root name. For example: d'Ambrosio = A; di Stefano = S

Note 2: The 'Record No.' refers to the record on the LDS microfilm reel. This year is on reel No. 1384906

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Sex  Death Date
Occupation  Spouse  Father  Mother  Paternal
Children of
Notes  Other
d`Ambrosio, Francesco M 4/17/1845 93 years farmer Piccirelli, Rosa d`Ambrosio, Modesto , Annamaria         Son in law:  Carminantonio Antrilli 30
d`Ambrosio, Rosa F 7/9/1845 1 year     d`Ambrosio, Camillo Persichitti, Marianna           58
d`Amico, Antonio M 5/4/1845 3 years     d`Amico, Tommaso diTommaso, Domenica         Uncle:  Francesco Piccoli 35
d`Amico, Giuseppe M 8/20/1845 18 months     d`Amico, Luigi Ficca, Maria         Uncle:  Domenico d`Amico 78
d`Amico, Maria F 5/13/1845 60 years farmer Ficca, Antonio (dead) d`Amico, Marziale Porreca, Gendelina     Son:  Lorenzo Ficca   Son in law:  Francesco Piccoli 38
d`Amico, Vittoria F 3/31/1845 25 years farmer , Giuseppe d`Amico, Filippo Ficca, Concezia       Father living in Montenero di Bifaccia. Brother in law:  Mariano Porreca;  Uncle: Domenicangelo d`Amico 22
Amorosi, Antonio M 12/12/1845 15 years shoemaker   Amorosi, Domenico Teti, Luisa       Father is a shoemaker.  Mother is a spinner. Grandfather:  Antonio Teti;  Uncle: Luigi Ficca 104
d`Antonio, Maria F 6/5/1845 10 months     d`Antonio, Mariano Cavicchio, Pasquantonia       Birthplace of deceased: Lettopalena.   47
d`Ascenzo, Anna Rosa F 4/21/1845 8 months     d`Ascenzo, Nicola Italiano, Caterina         Uncles:  Falco d`Ascenzo;  Don Teodorico Teti 31
Aspromonte, Maria F 4/29/1845 77 years spinner Porreca, Stefano (dead) Aspromonte, Nicola           Son in law:  Camillo Piccone;  Nephew: Pietro Porreca 33
Bentivoglio, Berardina F 11/7/1845 1 year     unknown unknown           96
Celestino, Pietro M 6/1/1845 17 days     unknown unknown           44
diCino, Angela F 9/5/1845 2 years     diCino, Nunziato Passalacqua, Camilla         Uncle:  Vincenzo del Pizzo 84
diCino, Antonio M 1/22/1845 70 years farmer diNicolangelo, Benedetta              Son in law:  Nunziato Teti;  Nephew: Antonio diCino 5
diCino, Camillo M 4/4/1845 30 years farmer   diCino, Nunziato diIorio, Maddalena (dead)         Uncle:  Berardino diCino 23
diCino, Camillo M 11/10/1845 66  years farmer d`Ulisse, Maria diCino, Carlo (dead) Crivelli, Maddalena          Nephews:  Pietrangelo Teti;  Carmine diCino 98
Conicella, Filomena F 10/25/1845 2 years     Conicella, Antonio diMaio, Eusebia           92
Conicella, Luisa F 7/27/1845 1 year     Conicella, Nicola diCino, Lucia           65
Crivelli, Rosa F 1/29/1845 6 days     Crivelli, Lorenzo del Duca, Agata         Uncle:  Nicolantonio Mirolli 7
diFabrizio, Vincenzo M 6/3/1845 2 years     diFabrizio, Giovanni Saraceni, Mariavincenza         Uncle:  Giovanni d`Amico 45
Fantini, Rosa F 6/4/1845 2 years     Fantini, Camillo diStefano, Benigna       Father residing at Piazzetta Street. Uncle:  Domizio del Duca, residing at Trattore Street 46
Ficca, Domenica F 8/6/1845 71 years farmer diRenzo, Carlo (dead) Ficca, Berardino (dead) diMarino, Maddalena     Son:  Carmine diRenzo   Nephew:  Giovanni Piccone 71
Ficcaglia, Leonardantonio M 12/3/1845 35 years proprietor   Ficcaglia, Domenico Piccirelli, Mariantonia         Uncle:  Stefano Piccirelli 102
Ficca, Maddalena F 1/26/1845 4 years     Ficca, Camillo Piccone, Domenica Ficca, Giuseppe       Uncle:  Domenico diLuzio 6
Ficca, Mariavincenza F 7/16/1845 15 months     Ficca, Giuseppe Piccone, Carminella   Piccone, Pietro   Note: Death age may be 15 years-writing not clear. Uncle:  Angelo Ficca 59
Ficca, Marziale M 7/18/1845 2-1/2 yrs     Ficca, Domenico Piccone, Annamaria         Uncle:  Domenico Piccone 61
Ficca, Pompilia F 1/11/1845 84 years farmer Piccone, Donato (dead) Ficca, Giovanni Porreca, Aurelia     Son:  Domenico Piccone   Son in law:  Vincenzo Teti 1
Ficca, Vincenzo M 2/28/1845 51 years farmer diLuzio, Marianicola Piccirelli, Filippo Ficca, Domenica       Father’s name is correct, even though it is odd. Brother:  Domenico Ficca;  Brother in law: Andrea Persichitti 14
Ficca, Vincenzo M 11/7/1845 3 days     Ficca, Sante Porreca, Marianicola           94
Ficcaglia, Colomba F 4/15/1845 1 year     Ficcaglia, Errico Aspromonte, Maria         Uncles:  Eugenio diIorio;  Domenico Teti 29
Ficcaglia, Donna Chiara F 4/5/1845 82 years proprietor Porreca, Don Antonio (dead) Ficcaglia, Errico (dead) della Croce, Aquilina         Nephews:  Errico Ficcaglia;  Camillo Porreca 24
Furia, Domenico M 7/21/1845 1 year     Furia, Giuseppe Teti, Lucia         Uncles:  Alesandro Furia;  Don Carminantonio deSanctis 64
Furia, Marziale M 8/7/1845 1 year     Furia, Vincenzo Bellini, Rosaria   Bellini, Carmine     Uncles:  Camillo Bellini (son of Carmine-dead);  Camillo Furia (son of Carmine) 70
diGregorio, Gaetana F 1/10/1845 80 years farmer d`Amico, Vincenzo (dead) diGregorio,Gervasio (dead)       Son:  Antonio d`Amico   Nephew:  Fedele d`Amico 2
diIorio, Anna F 4/9/1845 14 years weaver   diIorio, Eugenio Aspromonte, Marianna         Uncles:  Errico Ficcaglia;  Camillo diIorio 26
diIorio, Francesco M 5/16/1845 8 months     diIorio, Camillo diIorio, Luisa         Uncles:  Diodato Caruso;  Pietro diIorio 39
diIorio, Luisa F 5/16/1845 21 years weaver diIorio, Camillo diIorio, Giuseppe Persichitti, Rosaria                                                                          Brother in law:  Pasquale diPaolo 40
diIorio, Mariantonia F 8/13/1845 19 days     diIorio, Vincenzo diFabrizio, Rosa diIorio, Domenico       Grandfather:  Luigi diFabrizio 75
diIorio, Vincenzo M 8/8/1845 2-1/2 yrs     diIorio, Eustachio del Duca, Agata           72
Lamorgia, Rachele F 3/26/1845 16 days     Lamorgia, Gaetano Persichitti, Giacinta         Uncles:  Luigi Persichitti;  Aniello Teti 17
deLaurentiis, Antonio M 12/11/1845 26 years muratore   deLaurentiis, Camillo Porreca, Maddalena         Uncle:  Giuseppe deLaurentiis 103
diLuzio, Angela Maria F 11/16/1845 56 years farmer diPietrantonio, Nicola (dead) diLuzio, Domenico       Son:  Camillo diPietrantonio   Nephew:  Francesco d`Ulisse 99
diLuzio, Domenica F 8/12/1845 8 months     diLuzio, Nicola Ficca, Casilda         Uncle:  Giuseppe diLuzio 74
diLuzio, Giovanni M 4/12/1845 15 days     diLuzio, Camillo diCino, Maria         Uncle:  Nicola diStefano 27
diLuzio, Maria F 8/5/1845 5 years     diLuzio, Giuseppe Piccirelli, Domenica         Uncles:  Odoardo Piccirelli;  Antonio del Pizzo 69
diLuzio, Nicola M 7/20/1845 2 months     diLuzio, Donato diLuzio, Marianicola         Uncle:  Luigi diLuzio 63
Mancini, Quintilia F 8/24/1845 30 years farmer Piccone, Giuseppe Mancini, Camillo Furia, Angela         Brother in law:  Antonio Fante 82
diMarco, Virgilio M 7/19/1845 73 years farmer diPompilio, Marianicola diMarco, Costanzo       Son:  Pasquale diMarco   Brother:  Antonio Teti 62
diMarino, Antonio M 7/29/1845 1 month     diMarino, Camillo diFabrizio, Carminella         Uncle:  Giuseppe diMarino 66
diMarino, Giuseppe M 10/17/1845 74 years farmer diSullo, Angela diMarino, Venanzio , Cecilia     Sons:  Camillo diMarino;  Luigi diMarino     90
diMarino, Maria F 8/14/1845 11 months     diMarino, Pietro d`Ulisse, Rosa         Uncle:  Paolo diMarino 76
diMarino, Rosa F 1/2/1845 18 months     diMarino, Camillo diPietrantonio, Maria  Vincenza           4
diMarino, Rosa F 3/21/1845 15 days     diMarino, Donato d`Ulisse, Lucia         Uncle:  Domenico Piccone 16
deMarinis, Ceteo M 6/28/1845 5 months     deMarinis, Luigi Porreca, Rosa         Grandfather:  Carlofrancesco Porreca;  Uncle: Domenico diIorio 55
Mirolli, Anna Luigia F 8/4/1845 1 year     Mirolli, Camillo Piccirelli, Antonia       Father is residing on Colle della Croce Street. Uncle:  Aniello Teti 68
Palizzi, Vincenzo M 12/19/1845 46 years farmer Teti, Domenica (dead) Palizzi, Michelangelo d`Ulisse, Angela       Death place: Deceased was residing at Colle della Croce Street. Brother:  Domenico Palizzi, residing at Colle della Croce Street. Brother in Law: Giuseppe Ficca, residing at della Coste street. 105
diPaolo, Antonio M 3/27/1845 2 months     diPaolo, Alesandro Porreca, Elisabetta           18
diPaolo, Camilla F 5/7/1845 11 months     diPaolo, Donato Ficca, Anna Luigia (dead)         Grandfather:  Francesco diPaolo;  Uncle: Vincenzo Piccirelli 41
diPaolo, Caterina F 6/10/1845 72 years farmer Piccone, Antonio diPaolo, Giacomo , Cristina     Son:  Liborio Piccone   Nephew:  Nunziato Piccone 52
diPaolo, Domenico M 6/8/1845 26 days     diPaolo, Giuseppe diSanto, Agata           49
Passalacqua, Matteo M 1/4/1845 46 years farmer deLaurentiis, Maria Nicola Passalacqua, Stefano (dead) , Maria Nicola           3
Persichitti, Antonio M 3/29/1845 6 days     Persichitti, Camillo d`Amico, Doralice         Uncle:  Virgilio diMarco 21
Persichitti, Pantaleone M 10/25/1845 2 years     Persichitti, Domenico d`Ambrosio, Marianna           91
Piccirelli, Domenico M 2/22/1845 64 years farmer Teti, Marianna Piccirelli, Gabriele Rossi, Carminella         Brother:  Filippo Piccirelli.  Nephew: Giusseppe Piccirelli 12
Piccirelli, Filippo M 8/3/1845 50 years farmer (1) diMarino, Marianna (dead) unknown Piccirelli, Marianicola         Spouse (2) Camilla Porreca.  Brothers in law: Nicola Teti (son of Mauro);  Giuseppe Porreca (son of Michele) 67
Piccirelli, Maria F 6/19/1845 4 months     Piccirelli, Vincenzo Ficca, Maria Emilia         Uncle:  Francesco Teti (son of Carlo) 53
Piccirelli, Rosa F 4/15/1845 7 days     Piccirelli, Antonio diPaolo, Mariagiuseppa         Uncle:  Pietro Piccoli 28
Piccirelli, Rosario M 10/16/1845 1 year     Piccirelli, Giovanni Vezzari, Carolina         Uncle:  Don Carminantonio deSanctis 89
Piccoli, Mariangela F 10/26/1845 42 years farmer Palizzi, Rosario Piccoli, Nicola Ficca, Maria       Vincenzo and Giuseppe lived on Trattore Street. Brothers in law:  Vincenzo Palizzi;  Giuseppe Palizzi, son of Camillo (dead).  Giuseppe is really a cousin. 93
Piccoli, Nunziato M 3/27/1845 3 days     Piccoli, Luigi diValerio, Mariantonia         Uncle:  Nicola Piccoli 19
Piccone, Angela F 3/14/1845 12 days     Piccone, Pietro Ficca, Carminella         Uncle:  Luigi diLuzio 15
Piccone, Angela F 8/29/1845 1-1/2 yrs     Piccone, Giuseppe Mancini, Quintilia (dead)         Uncle:  Antonio Fante 83
Piccone, Carminella F 8/21/1845 20 days     Piccone, Camillo Ficca, Giacinta           79
Piccone, Filomena F 3/28/1845 7 days     Piccone, Domenico Tartaglia, Angeladea           20
Piccone, Maria F 12/22/1845 1 day     Piccone, Rosario Teti, Annantonia         Uncle:  Francesco Teti (son of Carlo) 106
Piccone, Rosa F 7/6/1845 3 months     Piccone, Domenico d`Angelo, Annamaria         Uncle:  Nicola Piccone (son of Giovanni) 56
diPietrantonio, Filomeno M 7/5/1845 4 years     diPietrantonio, Camillo Pellicciotta, Luisa           57
Pila, Chiara F 6/6/1845 40 years weaver Antrilli, Carmine Pila, Alfonso , Rosa       Birthplace: Colle di Mezzo. Brothers in law:  Carlo Antrilli;  Giuseppe diMarino 48
del Pizzo, Rosa F 9/22/1845 7 months     del Pizzo, Antonio diLuzio, Vitantonia         Uncle:  Andrea Santucci 87
Porreca, Angela F 7/16/1845 62 years farmer diMarino, Domenico Porreca, Pasquale           Nephew:  Donato diMarino (son of Nicola);  Brother in law: Giuseppe diMarino (son of Giacobbe) 60
Porreca, Camilla Filomena F 2/9/1845 15 days     Porreca, Donato Santucci, Maria         Uncle:  Gennaio Porreca.  Parenti:  Lorenzo Teti. (Parenti = relative) 8
Porreca, Camillo M 5/12/1845 4 months     Porreca, Innocenzo Antrilli, Agata         Brother:  Raffaele Antrilli (age 25) 37
Porreca, Donata F 2/13/1845 70 years farmer diFabrizio, Donato (dead) Porreca, Giovannantonio , Costanza     Sons:  Giovanni diFabrizio;  Camillo diFabrizio     11
Porreca, Eleonora F 5/18/1845 60 years farmer Ficca, Giovanni Porreca, Francesco diMarino, Agnese     Son:  Camillo Ficca   Son in law:  Camillo Persichitti 42
Porreca, Filomena F 6/10/1845 1 year     Porreca, Domenico Teti, Angela         Uncle:  Ferdinando Porreca 50
Porreca, Generosa F 4/29/1845 50 years farmer Porreca, Vincenzo Porreca, Luigi Persichitti, Angela           34
Porreca, Palma F 11/7/1845 6 months     Porreca, Saverio Teti, Camilla           95
Porreca, Pasquarella F 11/24/1845 50 years farmer diCino, Costanzo Porreca, Pasquale (dead) , Rosa         Brother in law:  Carminantonio diCino;  Nephew: Angelantonio Antrilli 101
Teti, Camillo M 8/21/1845 1 year     Teti, Don Teodorico Piccirelli, Donna Nunzia           80
Teti, Concetta F 4/23/1845 8 days     Teti, Nicolantonio diLuzio, Annamaria           32
Teti, Donato M 5/31/1845 82 years farmer d`Ambrosio, Maria Teti, Filippo     , Domenica     Son:  Nunziato Teti   Son in law:  Domenico Porreca (son of Vincenzo) 43
Teti, Donato M 8/18/1845 18 months     Teti, Nunziato diCino, Mariagiovanna         Uncle:  Mauro Ficca 77
Teti, Francesco M 2/24/1845 2 months     Teti, Domenico Ficcaglia, Felice         Uncles:  Errico Ficcaglia;  Don Felice Piccirelli 13
Teti, Giuseppe M 2/8/1845 10 months     Teti, Rosario d`Ambrosio, Rosa       Father’s age, 26 years. Uncle:  Pasquale d`Ambrosio 10
Teti, Giuseppe M 12/25/1845 93 years farmer Porreca, Mariantonia (dead) Teti, Filippo (dead) Piccoli, Domenica (dead)      Son:  Tomaso Teti   Cousin:  Vincenzo Porreca (son of Liborio) 107
Teti, Vincenza  F 11/14/1845 26 years farmer   Teti, Belisario Olivieri, Vittoria         Brother:  Pantaleone Teti;  Brother in law: Domenico Amorosi, residing on della Piazza Street.  He signed his name at bottom of entry. 100
Teti, Vincenzo M 2/9/1845 1 month     Teti, Carminantonio d`Ambrosio, Marianna   d`Ambrosio, Pietro     Uncle:  Nicolantonio diPaolo 9
diTomaso, Camillo M 9/28/1845 18 months     diTomaso, Vincenzo Porreca, Irene         Uncle:  Antonio diFabrizio 88
diTomaso, Giuseppe M 8/23/1845 22 months     diTomaso, Domenico del Pizzo, Mariavincenza         Grandfather:  Giuseppe diTomaso;  Uncle: Antonio del Pizzo 81
d`Ulisse, Carmina F 8/12/1845 8 months     d`Ulisse, Domenico diCino, Marianna         Uncle:  Giuseppe Amorosi Porreca 73
d`Ulisse, Giovanni M 5/10/1845 80 years farmer Piccoli, Rosaria d`Ulisse, Nicola Carapella, Concezia     Son:  Nicola d`Ulisse   Son in law:  Antonio Teti (son of Nicola). 36
d`Ulisse, Giovanni M 11/10/1845 66 years farmer (1) Palizzi, Anna Maria (dead) d`Ulisse, Antonio (dead) Teti, Camilla         Spouse (2) Colomba [no surname listed].   Brother in law: Nicola diCino. Cousin: Vincenzo d`Ulisse. 97
d`Ulisse, Lucia F 4/7/1845 22 years farmer diMarino, Donato d`Ulisse, Biase Crivelli, Maria         Brother in law:  Federico diCino 25
Verlenzia, Maria Nicola F 9/7/1845 80 years proprietor Porreca, Carmine           Birthplace: Lama. Nephew:  Nicola Porreca 85
Vigezzi, Alberto M 9/12/1845 18 months     Vigezzi, Don Gianvincenzo Antonacci, Donna Carolina           86
Vigezzi, Donna Geltippe F 6/22/1845 13 years proprietor   Vigezzi, Don Gianvincenzo Antonacci, Donna Carolina           54
Zappacosta, Vincenzo M 6/11/1845 2 years     Zappacosta, Pasquale Porreca, Giacinta       Birthplace of deceased:  Bucchianico. Grandfather:  Camillo Porreca;  Uncle: Michelangelo Teti 51