Index to Deaths - 1844
Torricella Peligna


Note 1: Names beginning with d`, di, de or del are sorted with the root name. For example: d'Ambrosio = A; di Stefano = S

Note 2: The 'Record No.' refers to the record on the LDS microfilm reel. This year is on reel No. 1384905

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Sex  Death Date
Occupation  Spouse  Father  Mother  Paternal
Children of
Notes  Other
Accettella, Don Stefano M 2/7/1844 68 years lawyer Tomburri, Donna Anna Accettella, Don Giuseppe (dead) Cocci, Donna Angelarosa (dead)         Nephew: Bonanni, Don Giuseppe 17
d`Amico, Luisa F 12/4/1844 2 years     d`Amico, Arcangelo Piccone, Maria Nicola d`Amico, Francesco       Uncle: Porreca, Antonio 104
d'Amico, Maddalena F 8/13/1844 60 years farmer Teti, Domenicantonio d`Amico, Nicola           Son-in-Law: Zinni, Eusebio 67
d`Amico, Michelangelo M 9/12/1844 2 years     d`Amico, Giovanni diPaolo, Costanza         Uncle: Teti, Giuseppe 79
d`Amico, Nicola M 8/10/1844 1 year     d`Amico, Vincenzo diMarino, Rosaria         Uncle: Piccone, Camillo (son of Giuseppe) 64
Antrilli, Don Giuseppe M 8/16/1844 29 years student   Antrilli, Giuliano Teti, Rosa         Brother-in-Law: Teti, Ferdinando;  Cousin: diMarino, Camillo 68
Antrilli, Giuliano M 11/20/1844 70 years dyer Teti, Rosa (dead) Antrilli, Pietro (dead) Fante, Eleonora (dead)         Nephew: diMarino, Giuseppe - age 50 residing on Piazzeta Street 98
Antrilli, Giuseppe M 11/27/1844 52 years farmer Furia, Marianicola Antrilli, Alesandro (dead) Piccoli, Anna Antonia         Brother: Antrilli, Panfilo;  Uncle: Piccoli, Antonio 102
Antrilli, Maddalena F 11/19/1844 21 years     Antrilli, Carmine Pila, Chiara         Nephew: diMarino, Giuseppe - age 50 residing on Piazzeta Street 99
Aspromonte, Maria  F 12/15/1844 3 years     Aspromonte, Antonio diLuzio, Maria Vincenza         Uncle: Porreca, Giuseppe 105
Aspromonte, Mariavincenza F 8/8/1844 31 years proprietor Porreca, Nicola Aspromonte, Donato (dead) diFabrizio, Lucia         Cousin: Porreca, Giuseppe (son of Stefano);  Uncle: Ficca, Vincenzo 62
diBerardino, Diodato M 3/27/1844 19 years shoemaker   diBerardino, Francesco Amorosi, Rachele       Father a shoemaker.  Mother a weaver.  Both Uncles were shoemakers, residing on Colle della Croce Street Uncles: Amorosi, Domenico-age 34; del Duca, Leonardo-age 37 26
Carapella, Margherita F 6/14/1844 14 years     Carapella, Vincenzo diMarino, Geltrude         Uncles: Porreca, Ferdinando; Carapella, Carmine 43
Carapella, Nicola M 1/30/1844 60 years farmer Antrilli, Mariantonia   ,Rosa         Brother-in-Law: Porreca, Innocenzo 14
diCino, Giacinta F 10/3/1844 2 years     diCino, Vincenzo Colasante, Marianicola       Father residing on del Forrio Street Uncle: Amorosi, Domenico residing on della Piazza Street 85
diCino, Rosa F 8/8/1844 70 years farmer Ulisse, Saverio diCino, Domenico , Maria         Brother-in-Law: diMarino, Vincenzo (son of Tommaso) 63
diCino, Vittoria F 1/3/1844 60 years farmer Colasante, Giuseppe diCino, Giacomo (dead) , Camilla         Brothers-in-Law: Colasante, Angelo; Colasante, Domenico 4
Cionna, Giacomo M 5/20/1844 10 months     Cionna, Carmine diRenzo, Maria Nicola         Uncle: diMarino, Giuseppe 38
Crivelli, Agata F 10/29/1844 80 years farmer Teti, Antonio (dead) Crivelli, Berardino       Son: Teti, Aniello   Nephew: d`Ambrosio, Camillo 91
Crivelli, Pietro M 7/23/1844 1 year     Crivelli, Domenico diLuzio, Mariavincenza         Uncle: Crivelli, Giovannantonio 52
Esposita, Maria Teresa F 3/22/1844 9 days                   23
diFabrizio, Anna Maria F 1/1/1844 2 years     diFabrizio, Antonio d`Ulisse, Ersilia         Uncle: d`Ulisse, Domenico 3
diFabrizio, Berardina F 9/19/1844 6 months     diFabrizio, Nicola Teti, Angela  diFabrizio, Carmine       Uncle: Teti, Antonio 82
diFabrizio, Domenico M 6/4/1844 50 years farmer diPietrantonio, Eusebia diFabrizio Giuseppe (dead) , Nunzia (dead)       Previous Wife: diMarino, Mariagiuseppa (dead) Brother: diFabrizio, Pietrantonio;  Cousin: diFabrizio, Pasquale 5
diFabrizio, Filippo M 9/4/1844 60 years farmer diPaolo, Clorinda (dead) diFabrizio, Pasquale           Nephews: Ficca, Luigi;  diFabrizio, Antonio 76
diFabrizio, Giuseppe M 3/29/1844 17 days     diFabrizio, Antonio d`Ulisse, Ersilia diFabrizio, Carmine       Uncle: diFabrizio, Nicola 28
diFabrizio, Luisa F 7/8/1844 10 months     diFabrizio, Domenico Ficca, Mariantonia diFabrizio, Pietrantonio         46
diFabrizio, Pietrantonio M 3/19/1844 64 years proprietor Piccone, Marianicola diFabrizio Saverio (dead) diStefano, Maddalena     Son: diFabrizio, Saverio Previous Wife: Porreca, Mariavincenza (dead) Brother-in-Law: Teti, Vincenzo 22
diFabrizio, Pietrantonio M 8/2/1844 50 years farmer Rosato, Rosalba diFabrizio, Giuseppe (dead) diPaolo, Nunzia     Son: diFabrizio, Giuseppe   Nephew: diFabrizio, Nicola 60
diFabrizio, Rosario M 11/13/1844 3 years     diFabrizio, Pasquale diIorio, Camilla         Uncle: diFabrizio, Carmine 96
deFalcis, Giuseppe M 12/20/1844 86 years farmer Mattasio, Anna (dead) deFalcis, Guglielmo Dragone, Vittoria     Son: deFalcis, Guglielmo     107
Fante, Donato M 6/9/1844 73 years proprietor diLuzio, Rosa Fante, Domenico Persichitti, Costanza         Nephews: Fante, Nicola;  diLuzio, Pietrantonio 42
Ficca, Annaluigia F 7/22/1844 26 years spinner diPaolo, Donato Ficca, Gennaro Teti, Camilla         Brother-in-Law: diPaolo, Pasquale;  Uncle: Ficca, Leonardo 53
Ficca, Carmine M 9/23/1844 50 years farmer d`Amico, Anastasia Ficca, Domenico del Pizzo, Costanza         Brother-in-Law: d`Ulisse, Domenico 83
Ficca, Domenica F 5/9/1844 1 month     Ficca, Pasquale d`Ambrosio, Camilla         Uncle: diMarino, Carmine 34
Ficca, Filomena F 1/28/1844 6 years     Ficca, Giuseppe d`Egidio, Rosaria           12
Ficca, Giuseppe M 7/15/1844 80 years proprietor d`Antonio, Angela (dead) Ficca, Giovanni (dead) Porreca, Euleria (dead)     Son: Ficca, Vincenzo   Nephew: Bellini, Nicola 49
Ficca, Giuseppe M 7/25/1844 17 months     Ficca, Nicolantonio Puracchio, Domenica         Uncle: Porreca, Innocenzo 54
Ficca, Marianna F 10/15/1844 9 months     Ficca, Berardino deFabrizio, Marianicola         Uncle: Teti, Domenico 87
Ficca, Vincenzo M 11/18/1844 11 months     Ficca, Sante Porreca, Marianicola         Uncle: diLuzio, Falco 97
diGiacomo, Cherubina F 11/8/1844 65 years weaver diIorio, Vincenzo diGiacomo, Giambattista (dead) Madonna, Rosaria         Brothers-in-Law: Ulisse, Donato; diValerio, Francesco 95
Giuseppe M 6/18/1844 4 years               Child died in the house of Mauro Ficca   44
diGuglielmo, Giustino M 1/13/1844 40 years tailor Bozzelli, Brigida diGuglielmo, Lodovico         Child and Father both  born in Lama Brother-in-Law: Manzi, Pietro 7
diIorio, Annegidia F 2/22/1844 50 years farmer Piccoli, Pietro diIorio, Rosario Piccone, Nicolantonia         Sons-in-Law: Teti, Antonio, (son of Carlo); deLegge, Luigi 19
diIorio, Felicita F 8/1/1844 3 months     diIorio, Antonio diFrancesco, Nunzia diIorio, Nicola (son of Croce)       Uncle: Piccirelli, Giuseppe (son of Saverio) 59
Lamorgia, Ubaldo M 8/23/1844 75 years water-man             Died in the house of Gaetano Lamorgia   72
diLuzio, Domenico M 2/1/1844 13 months     diLuzio, Giuseppe diFabrizio, Lucia         Uncles: Teti, Domenico, diMarino, Carmine 15
diLuzio, Gennaro M 10/30/1844 2 years     diLuzio, Camillo d`Antrilli, Rosa         Uncle: d`Ambrosio, Camillo 92
diLuzio, Marziale M 5/31/1844 8 days     diLuzio, Camillo d`Ulisse, Maria         Uncle: deFicis, Domenico 40
diMarco, Rosa F 4/15/1844 20 years     diMarco, Pasquale diMarco, Costanza         Uncle: Piccoli, Nicola 33
diMarino, Camilla F 7/2/1844 5 years     diMarino, Nicola Teti, Rosa         Uncle: Teti, Antonio 45
diMarino, Domenica F 8/18/1844 60 years farmer d`Ambrosio, Camillo diMarino, Sabatino , Eva         Son-in-Law: diIorio, Camillo 69
diMarino, Donato M 5/30/1844 8 months     diMarino, Antonio Ficca, Marianna         Uncle: Ficca, Rosario 39
diMarino, Luigi M 5/17/1844 1-1/2 years     diMarino, Donato d`Ulisse Lucia         Uncle: d`Amico, Domenico 37
diMarino, Marianicola F 7/15/1844 7 months     diMarino, Giuseppe diCino, Preziosa         Uncle: diMarino, Antonio 48
diMarino, Mariantonia F 3/25/1844 15 days     diMarino, Giuseppe diMarino, Camilla           24
diMarino, Vincenzo M 8/12/1844 9 months     diMarino, Nicola Porreca, Irene         Uncle: diMarino, Giuseppe 65
Mirolli, Camillo M 1/15/1844 75 years farmer Ficca, Berardina Mirolli, Filippo (dead) , Margherita       Previous Wife: Mancini, Maria Giuseppa (dead) Son-in-Law: diLuzio, Domenico;  Nephew: Ficca, Donato 8
Odorisio, Domenico M 9/17/1844 6 months     Odorisio, Costanzo d`Amico, Marianna         Uncle: d`Ulisse, Donato 81
Odorisio, Maria F 3/10/1844 4 days     Odorisio, Costanzo d`Amico, Marianna         Uncle: Ulisse, Donato 21
Palizzi, Giovanni M 7/30/1844 9 years     Palizzi, Fulgenzio Antrilli, Lucia       Uncles residing on della Coste Street Uncles: d`Ulisse Giovanni - age 38; diPaolo, Giovanni - age 40 57
Palizzi, Vincenzo M 8/6/1844 1 year     Palizzi, Giuseppe Teti, Costanza       Father is 40 years old residing on Colle della Croce Street Uncle: Palizzi, Fulgenzio age 40 residing on Colle della Croce 61
diPaolo, Domenico M 9/6/1844 6 days     diPaolo, Nicola diIorio, Angeladea diPaolo, Francesco         77
diPaolo, Luisa F 1/19/1844 1 1/2 years     diPaolo, Pietro Furia, Berardina         Uncle: diPaolo, Francesco 10
diPaolo, Maria F 3/31/1844 3 years     diPaolo, Nicolantonio Teti, Mariantonia         Uncle: diPaolo, Nicola 30
Passalacqua, Maria  F 9/12/1844 1 year     Passalacqua, Luigi diIorio, Mariavincenza       Father residing on Trattore Street   80
Passalacqua, Marziale M 5/14/1844 56 years farmer Teti, Domenica Passalacqua, Donato (dead) Ficca, Mariagiovanna     Son: Passalacqua, Donato   Brother-in-Law: Teti, Carmine 36
Persichitti, Giacomo M 7/16/1844 2 years     Persichitti, Francesco Aspromonte, Angela         Uncle: Persichitti, Giacomo 50
Persichitti, Giuseppe M 8/2/1844 1 year     Persichitti, Andrea Ficca, Angela         Uncle: Piccirelli, Giuseppe (son of Saverio) 58
Persichitti, Rosa F 11/5/1844 2 years     Persichitti, Marziale Piccoli, Maria         Uncle: diMarino, Giuseppe 93
Piacentini, Custode F 10/29/1844 50 years farmer Cionna, Giacomo             Uncle: Cionna, Carmine;  Nephew: Teti, Domenico 90
Piccirelli, Camillo M 8/18/1844 2 months     Piccirelli, Domenico diLoreto, Maria           70
Piccirelli, Camillo M 9/10/1844 4 months     Piccirelli, Giuseppe Persichitti, Silveria         Uncle: diPaolo, Nicola 78
Piccirelli, Lucia F 12/21/1844 8 days     Piccirelli, Francesco Ficca, Maddalena         Uncle: Mirolli, Camillo - age 36 residing at Colle della Croce Street 108
Piccirelli, Maddalena F 9/26/1844 2 years     Piccirelli, Costanzo Teti, Rosaria   Teti, Nicola    Grandfather Nicola Teti is the son of Eustachio (dead)   84
Piccirelli, Maria Nicola F 1/31/1844 70 years farmer diPaolo, Luigi Piccirelli, Giambattista (dead)       Son: diPaolo, Alessandro     16
Piccone, Domenico M 3/26/1844 70 years farmer diMarino, Concezia Piccone, Liborio (dead) Porreca, Porzia     Son: Piccone, Mariano Previous Wife: diPaolo, Mariantonia (dead) Son-in-Law: Teti, Tommaso 25
Piccone, Marianicola F 7/11/1844 53 years farmer Porreca, Antonio Piccone, Concezio         Spouse is the son of Carlofrancesco (dead)   47
Piccone, Pantaleone M 8/14/1844 2 years     Piccone, Vincenzo Piccone, Maria         Uncle: Porreca, Camillo 66
del Pizzo, Camillo M 8/19/1844 13 months     del Pizzo, Marziale d`Ulisse, Donatangiola del Pizzo, Camillo       Uncle: Teti, Vincenzo 71
Porreca, Angiola F 11/27/1844 14 days     Porreca, Giuseppe Persichitti, Anna Luigia       Father Giuseppe is the son of Michele Uncle: Antrilli, Pietro 103
Porreca, Anna F 11/24/1844 24 years weaver   Porreca, Giuseppe diPaolo, Rachele         Uncle: Alfieri, Don Eusebio 100
Porreca, Antonio M 7/25/1844 15 months     Porreca, Giovanni Teti, Angeladea         Uncle: Teti, Michelangelo 55
Porreca, Camilla F 3/28/1844 9 days     Porreca, Luigi Porreca, Marianna         Uncle: Teti, Michelangelo 27
Porreca, Carmina F 1/1/1844 70 years farmer Piccoli, Davide Porreca, Eusebio diIorio, Angela       Death recorded on 1 Jan 1844, but actually died 31 Dec 1843. Brother-in-Law:  Piccoli, Giuseppe; Nephew: Piccone, Giovanni 1
Porreca, Caterina F 10/15/1844 2-1/2 years     Porreca, Domenico Ficca, Rosa         Uncle: Ficca, Domenico 86
Porreca, Domenico M 7/22/1844 8 months     Porreca, Marino diTomaso, Maria         Uncle: Porreca, Adamo 51
Porreca, Donato M 4/6/1844 4 years     Porreca, Nicola Aspromonte, Mariavincenza           31
Porreca, Felicita F 1/20/1844 57 years weaver Antrilli, Carlo Porreca, Adamo (dead) , Caterina         Brothers-in-Law: Antrilli, Carmine; Antrilli, Pietro 11
Porreca, Filomena F 8/26/1844 18 months     Porreca, Adamo Conicella, Custode         Uncle: Antrilli, Pietro 74
Porreca, Maria F 4/9/1844 26 months     Porreca, Antonio Aspromonte, Mariantonia         Uncle: Teti, Antonio 32
Porreca, Mariagiuseppa F 5/11/1844 2 months     Porreca, Saverio  Persichitti, Angela         Uncles: Persichitti, Giacomo; diPaolo, Pietro 35
Porreca, Rosa Maria F 1/16/1844 1 year     Porreca, Mariano d`Amico, Mariantonia         Uncle: d`Ulisse, Andrea 9
Ruggiero, Domenica F 10/22/1844 60 years farmer Odorisio, Falco Ruggiero, Antonio , Elena     Son: Odorisio, Vincenzo   Uncle: Odorisio, Costanzo 88
diStefano, Giuseppe M 2/14/1844 3 days     diStefano, Carmine Antrilli, Domenica         Uncle: Porreca, Vito 18
Teti, Antonio M 2/23/1844 8 days     Teti, Mauro Aspromonte, Camilla         Uncle: Teti, Domenico 20
Teti, Donato M 1/12/1844 1-1/2 years     Teti, Filippo Porreca, Marianna         Uncle: diCino, Nicola 6
Teti, Francesco M 8/25/1844 23 years dyer   Teti, Camillo d`Annunzio, Giacinta         Uncle: d`Annunzio, Vincenzo (son of Diego) 73
Teti, Giuseppe M 7/27/1844 40 years imbastaro diPaolo, Rachele Teti, Antonio (dead) d`Amico, Marianicola (dead)         Brother: Teti, Antonio;  Brother-in-Law: diPaolo, Pietro 56
Teti, Marziale M 1/28/1844 15 months     Teti, Carmine Fantini, Marianicola         Uncle: Teti, Domenico 13
Teti, Nicolantonio M 9/4/1844 17 months     Teti, Eustachio del Duca, Anna Luigia Teti, Nicola     Grandfather Nicola Teti is the son of Eustachio Uncle: Odorisio, Nicola 75
Teti, Rosa F 11/6/1844 6 months     Teti, Camillo d`Ulisse, Marianicola         Uncles: d`Ulisse, Giovanni; Antrilli, Nicolantonio 94
d`Ulisse, Antonio M 6/4/1844 21 years   Piccone, Agata d`Ulisse, Domenico diIorio, Chiara         Brother: d`Ulisse, Angelo;  Brother-in-Law: Piccone, Giovanni 41
Ulisse, Maria Vincenza F 12/18/1844 10 months     Ulisse, Giuseppe d`Ambrosio, Berardina         Uncle: Mauro Ficca 106
d`Ulisse, Mariantonia F 3/29/1844 61 years farmer diIorio, Domenico d`Ulisse, Fedele       Son: diIorio, Vincenzo   Son-in-Law: diFabrizio, Vincenzo 29
d`Ulisse, Rosa F 11/24/1844 18 months     d`Ulisse, Antonio (dead) Piccone, Agata         Uncles: Piccone, Felice; Piccone, Giovanni 101
Zinni, Carmine M 10/27/1844 18 months     Zinni, Eusebio Colasante, Mariagiuseppa         Uncle: Teti, Donato. Brother-in-Law: Teti, Donato" 89